Top Three Portable Vaporizers for Herb Lovers on a Budget

Top Three Portable Vaporizers for Herb Lovers on a Budget
June 10, 2015 Vape Pens

Whether you’re an old-school herb roller or a modern-day dabber, there’s no denying that the most popular method of tosasting herbs nowadays is the vaporizer. Offering superbly smooth hits, tons of different flavors and easily concealable, the vaporizer has taken the herbal market by storm.

With the abundance of different sizes, styles, and prices, how is the discerning herbalist on a budget supposed to know which vape is right for their needs (and wallet)?

Introducing the top three vaporizers for herbalists on a budget:

#1 – Snoop Dogg G Pro Herbal

In the world of convection style vaporizers, the G Pro is simply one of the best on the market. Bearing the namesake and design input from Snoop Dogg himself, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality vaporizer for a great price.

Available for under $150, the G Pro captures the spirit of Snoop’s SoCal vibe with a stunning blue leaf design over a white background. For the price, you’d be hard-pressed to find another vaporizer with the plethora of features that this one has. The G Pro even comes with a grinder and tray so you can mince your herbs like Snoop straight out of the box!

#2 – Vapium Summit Vaporizer

Appearing much like a high-tech USB drive, the Vapium Summit was designed for herb lovers on-the-go. Extremely powerful and easy to use, the Summit combines technology and high-quality materials to provide one of the most rugged vapes on the market.

For around $199 you get a fantastic vaporizer that comes in multiple colours and includes some neat features, like a dry bag protective pouch and cleaning kit. Take this bad boy with you to the beach or the mountains and enjoy your herbs in style!

#3 – CloudV Phantom Premium Herbal

One of our personal favourites, the CloudV Phantom is a sleek and simplistic product that really has it all. One finger is all you need to get this baby smoking with its easy one-button operation. The Phantom’s unique herb heating chamber has three different temperature settings allowing you draw a variety of different vapor densities.

At a mere $149, your bank account might even thank you for picking this one up. Say goodbye to that burnt herb taste and weak vapor hits because the Phantom is one vaporizer that stays ahead of the pack. The kit includes a packing tool, tweezers, and a rechargeable battery to satisfy all of your herbal needs.

Honorable mention: CloudV Terra Herbal Vaporizer

Okay, we decided that we couldn’t leave this one off the list. As one of the most popular vapes for those on a budget, the Terra is as easy to use as it gets and with many of the same features as the slightly more expensive Phantom, the CloudV Terra is a steal at only $139.!


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