A practical introduction to vape pens.

A practical introduction to vape pens.
September 14, 2014 Vape Pens

Vape Pens are the new trend in the vaporization industry and the vape pen trend is currently sweeping across the USA. If you are new to vape pens here are a few things that we have learned in our journey so far that we have that will help you when coming to choose a vape pen.

Vape pens are by far the most convenient form of vaporizer. They are small and compact and easy to charge. The batteries on most pens last for a long time each charge, so taking a pen on a night out or even a weekend away without a charger is possible.

One thing that has to be said about the first generation of vape pens is that they generally do not perform as well as table top or even portable vaporizers. If what you are looking for is pure herbal vapor free from combustion you are still better off with a table top vape or a high end hand held. Many vape pens will combust your herbs. Some slightly and others completely. Pens like the Atmos Jr or White Rhino Dube are more like electronic smoking devices than vaporizers. These are great for people who want a tool that will allow them to stop mixing their herb with tobacco and cut out burning rolling papers.

Vape pens strengths are in convenience, portability, design and experience. If you are vaping for medical or health reasons it will be hard to find a pen in the current generation that meets the vapor standards of a volcano or arizer. But stay tuned for more product reviews from VapePens.com.au and we will follow pens as they are released and continue the search for the perfect vape pen.


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